Folklore Art Museum   of Cycladic Civilization
Μουσείο Κυκλαδίτικης Λαογραφίας.
Μπενέτος Σκιαδάς: Ο Λαογράφος των Κυκλάδων.
Αναβιώνει την Κυκλαδίτικη ιστορία, κατασκευάζοντας μεγάλες μινιατούρες
σημαντικών πλοίων και κτιρίων, χρησιμοποιώντας, απλά εργαλεία
και υλικά από το φυσικό του περιβάλλον.
Greek Museum,Paros,Benetos Skiadas
welcome the visitors at their property.  
Both of them worked hard and made
many sacrifices for creating the
Cycladic Folklore.  At the village Aliki,
in Paros, near the airport, the visitor
can admire the miniatures of the
Cycladic Tradition into a beautiful
garden full of olive trees, amarants
and woodbine.

Benetos Skiadas, an ordinary
fisherman, managed to revive the
Greek Tradition by creating his
unique, functional and hand made
miniatures using materials only from
the Cycladic land.  And all these
without making any draft or using any
scientific instruments.  He created
them only by using the divine gifts
with which he was born; observation,
perception, passion for creativity.

The result is excellent and all the
miniatures function in a perfect way.  
All his memories and personal
experiences were strongly impressed
on his mind and prompted him -  with
the help of his skillful hands– to revive
the tradition and his dreams.

The visitor can admire a small
number of ships such as warships,
merchant ships and fishing boats
which give you the impression that
they are ready to sail.  Gri-gri, drift-
boats, steamships, sailing boats,
triremes are all constructed with the
traditional shipbuilding and are exact
replicas of the genuine models.  
Besides, it’s worthwhile seeing the
three - training  warship, with the
twelve small cannons in which can be
put powder keg, the antique ship of
Kirinia, the shipyard and the
traditional loom which weaves a
fabric whose length is 10 cm.

In the yard the visitor can see the
monastery of Virgin Mary Hojoviotisa
of Amorgos, the Virgin Mary of Tinos,
the torpedo boat “ELLI”, the famous
light house of Andros, the Venetian
Castle of Parikia which was built in
1260 on the remains of the ancient
temple  of the goddess Dimitra.  Also
it’s worth seeing the first coffee house
of Paros, the traditional watermill - at
height 3 meters above the ground–
which is able to grid 10 kilos of wheat
per hour,  the traditional work place of
the blacksmith, equipped with all the
tools, the dovecote of Tinos, the
famous ancient theater of Milos
island...                                               mob. 6981680086
Benetos Skiadas
Ανάμεσα στα δικά του καλλιτεχνήματα, θα δείτε και αληθινά κομμάτια
από την προσωπική του συλλογή.  Το Μαγγανοπήγαδο, το παραδοσιακό
ελαιοτριβείο, τον αργαλειό της πεθεράς του, παραδοσιακά μουσικά
όργανα της Πάρου,  και πολλά άλλα.
from a pack animal.

Πραγματικό μαγγανοπήγαδο.  Χρησιμοποιούνταν από το 1912 έως το 1970 για
να βγάζουν νερό από το πηγάδι, με την βοήθεια ενός γαϊδάρου.
Personal collection.
The  lift water well, the traditional
olive press, loom of the mother in
law, traditional musical
instruments of the island, fossils
collection and many other items
of daily use of the Among his
own artwork, you items of daily
use of the inhabitants of Paros.
Αναπαράσταση του πραγματικού  παραδοσιακού ελαιοτριβείου.
Benetos Skiadas, is a traditional artist from the Greek island, Paros.
He has depicted Cycladic history with large miniatures  of ships and
important buildings with unrivaled art and workmanship.